Kilil 1, 5680

There are three prefects ruling over the Kingdom of Saval: a man named Teraal, a Barbidon named Ragworth, and a Canari named Nuzheena. They are the highest authority in this land, and by their positions, maintain peace and unity between the three races. Despite their authority, the Council of Elders, a group that meets yearly to propose laws and affirm their confidence in the current prefects, governs their reign. The Council of Elders is currently in session since it is winter, so they were present during our interrogation.

The first order of business was to confirm our identities as persons from beyond the borders of the kingdom. This was simple because of our different clothing, the items we carry, and the testimony of the men who found us at Lathojowich. The prefects and the council then demanded an account of events throughout the world after the kingdom became isolated. We did the best we could to rush through the several thousand years of history. Fortunately, the prefects eventually decided it would take too long and had us tell of our travels instead. They were all quite intrigued to learn the Kingdom of Saval was not the sole surviving civilization in the world, but that the rest of the world, aside from much of Etnyben, was flourishing.

The difficult part of the interrogation was convincing the prefects that Dawn is not their enemy. The last exposure this civilization had to Huvudets involved the Huvudets among the enemy at Nazada. Kellon’s adept storytelling actually proved quite useful in this regard. His rendition of the Huvudet mythology was quite good, and Dawn admitted it was better than she could have done. The prefects were quite convinced.

It turns out our presence before the prefects was actually a trial. We were accused of violating their law concerning traveling beyond the kingdom borders, but the trial found us not guilty of violating any laws. Since we are not citizens of this kingdom, but outside travelers, that law does not apply to us. We are free to continue our journey north tomorrow, but must meet briefly with the prefects before we leave.