Jurthe 8, 5681

I think it’s safe to say we’ve made it through the na’karden mating season without a single sighting of the monstrous beasts of the sea, which is more than can be said for most ships sailing this time of year. Captain Kiiyu said it’s because the smaller ones sometimes crawl up onto land to eat deer and other animals near the shore, but there aren’t any such opportunities in the desert. So while we’re sailing along the coast of the Kiremo Desert, all the na’karden are in other parts of the world. If we were closer to Tanarad, then he’d expects us to see some.

I decided to have some fun, and asked one of the pirates, an older man named Akthet, if he’d ever heard of flying eels. The initial response was that I needed to drink less rum. Akthet was clearly not going to divulge anything willingly, so tonight I brought him a bottle of rum. That got him talking about the flying eel topic everyone seems to avoid. He claims they’re real, but rare enough that finding anyone who actually saw one is nigh impossible. Despite the thousands of ships sailing the seas, he can count every confirmed sighting of flying eels over the past millennium on one hand. As a result, anyone who talks about the beasts ends up as the laughingstock for the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, that also means no one is truly prepared to deal with the beasts should they attack. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. There is almost no chance anyone I know will ever see a flying eel.

I discovered today that Dawn took my entire stash of unused parchment to draw pictures. Naturally, I wasn’t very pleased with this, but Dawn said there isn’t anything for me to write about on the sea. I guess she’s right, as usual, especially since all we see each day is more of the Kiremo Desert. However, that does leave me unprepared if anything exciting ever happens. Fortunately, Kellon understands my predicament, and is willing to provide me with parchment if I need it, starting with this piece of parchment. Even so, I refuse to rely on Kellon like this. I probably won’t write more journal entries until we reach Tanarad where I can replenish my supply.