Jurthe 18, 5680

I have yet to see Dawn proved wrong. Last week she claimed she saw a large fawn, and today she pointed one out to us. The animal was massive. Even while sitting, its head was higher than we stand. We dare not approach the animal or attempt to kill it for dinner. Large animals pose a greater danger to hunters, and if the fawn is this large, I can only imagine the size of its mother. If she is nearby, any attack on her young would bring her charging in. I am not willing to take this risk.

Tora’Sor seems particularly vexed today, and Niahla’Sen kept looking over her shoulder. It reminds me of how the Sisterhood operatives acted that time when the darkened Awa stalked and attacked us as we sailed through the Bay of Ivil. If something is stalking us now, they haven’t mentioned anything and Dawn hasn’t noticed it. I also highly doubt the Awa would travel this far inland since they have fins instead of feet. There is the possibility of them swimming upriver, but this part of the river is thousands of nura from the nearest sea. Between the distance to the sea and the dangerous gokdoks, I don’t think even the bravest or stupidest Awa would be in this area. Even so, there has to be something out there that we don’t want to meet.

Kellon and Hibimage were talking today about the events leading up to Hibimage’s decision to explore this land. It started in the year 5640 during the reign of the third Great King Derkolo. By this time, the battles against the Dark Magicians were in their sixth year during his reign, and armies departed for Etnyben yearly. Hibimage accompanied the army that year as a worker since he didn’t want to be a soldier. After seeing the poor condition of the few soldiers who returned from the battles, Hibimage decided to do his part to fulfill prophecy. He left the army, and went off to explore the land without telling anyone. Still, someone must have figured it out since a Sisterhood operative soon caught up with him.

There’s more to Hibimage’s story, of course, but it was Kellon’s interview, not mine. I don’t want to give all the details about something I expect Kellon will one day publish.