Jurthe 12, 5680

If we turned east, we’d be able to cross the river and pass south of the ridge of mountains that’s been east of us for the past seven months. However, we’re continuing south until we can turn west to pass south of the range west of us. According to Dawn, that may take us up to another month. Kellon asked if we should keep a watch for the giant birds and bats, but with the southern winter approaching, the rest of us don’t expect them to be much trouble if we even do encounter any. Hibimage knew about the giant birds, but Boktoseethet needed them explained since he’s never seen one.

Hibimage said this is as far west as he’s ever been in this land. It’s very likely this is the farthest west anyone’s been in thousands of years. I don’t recall seeing much on this portion of Zhethou’s map, so I doubt many people traveled this way even back when more people lived throughout Etnyben. As we travel west, Hibimage started a new habit. Each night when we camp, he builds a noticeably large pile of rocks. He also includes a number of other rocks beside the pile lined up to point back the way we came. This will help us find our way if we ever decide to trace our path back to this valley.

Dawn is convinced there are deer in this area that are too large to kill with a well-aimed arrow. I think she wants to kill one too. She took her knife and tied it to the end of a large pole, essentially constructing a spear. She carried this throughout our travels today, and only took off the knife when she needed to use it to cut something. Personally, I’m not very convinced large deer exist. There are rumors of them in practically every land, but I’ve never seen one in my many years in the forests of Bagda and my travels throughout this land. I asked Dawn why she thought the deer here are large, and she said she saw a large fawn. I told her she’d better show the rest of us the next time she notices something that would interest us. There’s no reason for her to keep giant fawns a secret.