Jurdes 9, 5679

The third band of mountains is directly north of us as we pass south of the ranges. We never saw the first two bands of mountains since we traveled southwest from the Razhin Jungle instead of directly west. We’ll round this southern end of the ridge, and begin traveling north as we search for Niahla’Sen’s missing father. His name is Hibimage, and he’s probably about as old as Pelmarco was.

As we travel around this range, we’re following the river that empties from the region. I told Tora’Sor about the poisonous fish Krista’Mil obtained from the Icavor River. Technically, Dawn caught the fish and left it by our camp, but we didn’t know it at the time. Tora’Sor wondered if any of the fish might also live in the Toram River. Dawn said it was too far south, but there is a smaller similar fish living in the Toram River. Unfortunately, they’re rare and hard to catch. Dawn is also very reluctant to catch it using her usual method of wading into the water and using her hands. Tora’Sor, however, remains interested in the fish, and seems determined to try catching one to study. She constructed a small fish trap, and has it in the river for tonight. I hope she catches something.

Part of teaching Kellon to hunt is teaching him to butcher his kills. Although he hasn’t killed anything yet, tonight I began teaching him to carve up deer. It’s a messy process, and he was very hesitant to roll up his sleeves and start using the knife. By the time we finished, Kellon appeared messier than I ever remember seeing him, with blood covering his hands and arms. He’ll make less of a mess as he gains more experience, but I think this was a good first attempt. He cleaned up while the rest of us cooked the meat.