Jurdes 30, 5679

The valley has an interesting mixture of plants and animals. The deer we’ve been eating for much of the past month are larger than those found in the grasslands, and have a striped pattern to their fur. Also found in the region are rabbits, a type of fox with yellowish fur, and many varieties of birds. Perhaps the most interesting animal we’ve encountered reminded us of the telefs, but were much smaller, and had tusks of a different shape. Some of them also had horns. They bellow loudly, but the sound isn’t as deep as those of the telefs.

Thick forests cover the land, and we think the telef-like beasts knocking over trees caused the few grassy areas we encounter. Dawn said the lands between the mountains are all like this. She might be partly right, but we know she’s wrong since the land between the first two ridges of mountains is somewhat different. I guess she just never visited that place, and makes her guesses based on the few places she did go.

We had a strong rain for the past two days, and had to cross several swollen streams. It’s not difficult when we have two Sisterhood operatives using their arcane powers to freeze the surface of the water into a bridge of ice. Remembering our encounter with spoonfish while crossing such a river last year, this method is much safer. I asked what would happen if they used their arcane powers to freeze the rain, but the result was hail. It was just a brief demonstration why they don’t do certain things. Tora’Sor commented about men always coming up with the worst possible uses of the arcane powers. This is highly reminiscent of the first time I talked to Tora’Sor, when she said men were too aggressive and unrefined, but this time I know she is just being sarcastic.