Jurdes 21, 5679

It’s fairly obvious that rivers such as the one we’re now following are the source of the Toram River’s enormity. However, we made an interesting discovery. We reached a place where the river curves around an odd bend, but finishes the bend with less water than what comes from upstream. We believe water from the river drains underground, and Tora’Sor believes places like this bring water to the underground world where she was hostage for the past few years. None of us wants to go swimming to see if it’s actually true since we might never come back out. I hope the Dark Lunari never consider blocking the flow of the river so their armies can emerge for conquest.

Tora’Sor finally caught one of the spiny fish that might be poisonous. Considering how all her previous fish traps were destroyed, it’s a wonder it worked this time. To test if the spines were actually poisonous, we used one as the point on an arrow, and went hunting. I think it worked, but it’s hard to tell since arrows are designed to kill, not poison. A better test would be to use a prick of the spine on an animal instead of shooting it with an arrow. If the animal dies from just the prick, then it’s definitely the work of a poison that killed it. Tora’Sor agrees with me on this, but we don’t have any animals for testing, and we’re not sure how long the poison would maintain its potency.

We passed through some ancient ruins today, and found several rocks with the name Dara carved into it. There wasn’t any context to help us determine if this is the name of the place or if it’s the name of a famous person who lived here centuries ago. Perhaps it’s both. Kellon said it would take many hours of secluded research in the deepest vaults of the library of Atalan to learn if there was any historical mention of the place. If we ever get back to Atalan, I’ll let Kellon do the research. I’m not quite interested enough to subject myself to that kind of research, and if I did get to Atalan, I would just as soon leave and return to my home in Bagda.