Jurdes 14, 5679

Something keeps destroying Tora’Sor’s fish traps. Up until now, we just thought the current was breaking them, but today we noticed some tooth marks on the broken remains, as if something bit the trap to try obtaining something from inside it. Tora’Sor thinks the trap is working, but she’s not retrieving it before something larger destroys it. Despite these setbacks, she plans to keep trying to catch the elusive spiny fish rumored to be in these waters. The rest of us are more concerned about discovering what large beast might be responsible for the destroyed traps.

I took Kellon hunting tonight. I usually hunt alone, although I’ve noticed Dawn sometimes follows at a distance. In the past, she’s sometimes frightened deer toward me, which allowed an easier kill. She tried the same thing tonight, but Kellon complicated the matter. When she frightened a small herd of deer toward Kellon and me, Kellon also decided to run, possibly out of concern of being trampled. The deer ended up changing direction, and got away while Kellon found himself trapped and sinking in a quagmire. I had to give up tonight’s hunt to rescue Kellon. Dawn, however, continued the hunt. By the time I pulled Kellon from the mud, he was unrecognizable beneath the heavy clumps of muck. He spent a long time washing up in the river after that.

Dawn eventually returned with a small deer and two birds. She too was somewhat muddy, and murmured something about the deer running where it shouldn’t. Fortunately, Dawn’s outdoor skills are much greater than Kellon’s, so she wasn’t ever in any danger from the quagmire. The difficulty will be tomorrow when we need to travel through that area with all our supplies. The extra weight will hasten any sinking, so I might try finding a way around the area. I did notice some hills east of here, so I think we’ll try passing over those.