Hildes 22, 5680

There is gold in these mountains. We’ve found numerous small nuggets in the river, and several others among the rocks. If the infrastructure to transport gold from this region was in place, I might even think about coming back someday to try mining my fortune. However, we have greater concerns that require our attention before we can even consider collecting more than a few nuggets right now.

I mentioned earlier that I planned to mention the gold in tonight’s entry, and Kellon said it would be very influential in the future course of events. If the Great King ever decides to build a road through this passage, the rumor of gold makes the endeavor worthwhile and eases the cost of labor. Kellon might know much about how the written word affects the rest of the world, but all I really care about is my expedition and finding enough food to feed us all. What happens because of my journals is up to others, not me. With that in mind, other things have my attention.

Alkaar’s arm no longer bleeds from the cut, but Tora’Sor isn’t taking any chances. Every time she changes the bandage, she puts on new leeches to keep the wound clean and free from infection. Of course, this means the rest of us have to go wading to collect leeches, an unpleasant task even at the best of times. Dawn, however, seems to make the most of it. While waiting for leeches, she spends her time trying to catch fish. Some fish she feeds to Hungry, and others supplement our meals each day.

Although we don’t have to worry as much about Alkaar’s injury as when it was fresh, Boktoseethet twisted his ankle two days ago, and Hibimage has a stomach illness. This slows down our travel, but we’re still determined to reach the coast and return to Atalan as fast as possible. We could always turn around and return to Saval, but that would also take several months, and I’m not too keen to backtrack when I’m this close to my destination.