Hildes 12, 5679

It’s nearly summer here in the southern hemisphere, but the days becoming warmer is more because we’re traveling toward the equator than the seasonal change. We saw several dragons flying overhead throughout the day, or it might have been the same dragon several times, and passed two more campsites. Tonight we’re at the third campsite, and discovered who made it. A group of Barbidon hunters is traveling throughout this region. They aren’t after deer, except as food, but hunt much greater prey---dragons!

Welchag, the leader of the Barbidons, told us about their hunting expedition. Every ten years, a team of the bravest Barbidon adventurers and warriors departs Sarda, and travels to these mountains in search of dragons. They usually manage to kill at least one by the time they need to return, and the most fortunate teams will kill two or more. The team we found was in the process of luring a dragon to them, and needed to begin their return to Sarda by the start of next year. If they don’t kill a dragon in the next month and a half, this will be the first team in fifty years to fail the hunt. Fortunately, they’ve managed to lure a dragon out of the mountains this year, most likely the same dragon we’ve encountered previously, and hope for a chance to kill it. We’re welcome to stay with the Barbidons and witness the great kill if we want, but we politely declined the invitation.

Tora’Sor asked why the Barbidons wouldn’t just go into the mountains to find the dragons. It seems fitting, since dragons generally live in mountains, but the Barbidons did give a good reason. The mountainsides are treacherous places to fight, and even worse when fighting a dragon that lives in such a place. By luring a dragon away from the mountain, the Barbidons have the advantage. The Barbidons also choose these mountains over the icy mountains of Sarda or Bagda because the climate is warmer and easier to survive during the winter.