Falil 30, 5680

As we travel north, we’re also continuing toward the west, so we’re really traveling northwest. I decided we should at least get a glimpse of the final range of mountains between the sea and us before we leave this land. We’re not in any real hurry to travel toward the mountains, but at our current northwest direction, we should be able to see them sometime before we reach the passage. The mountains now to our east will soon disappear over the horizon behind us.

What we’re traveling across must be a wide, grassy floodplain of sorts, as this region no doubt drains into the Toram River. Nothing is green since it’s winter, but we see plenty of wildlife. Birds, deer, and even a few predators roam this land. Dawn pointed out a pack of wolves in the distance this morning. She said that contrary to expectations, the wolves were very friendly the last time she traveled through this region. Tora’Sor said that if they’re so friendly, they must be Canari, the talking dogs; but Dawn disagreed, the wolves cannot talk.

Hibimage began complaining today about having a sore back. He said it’s periodic pain that only bothers him once or twice a month following an incident earlier in his life. This is the fifth month we’ve known him, and he’s never mentioned it before, so most of us were skeptical until Boktoseethet explained that Hibimage generally tried to keep quiet about his problems, but sometimes the pain was too great. We did what we could to accommodate the elderly man, and divided his gear for the rest of us to carry. Niahla’Sen also provided him with a medicine to dull the pain, something I doubt Elendra’Tel would ever do if she were still with us.