Falil 10, 5680

It snowed last night, covering the land with a thin, white blanket. It doesn’t slow down our progress, but the cold temperature is certainly noticeable. We’ve braved worse winter weather when we visited Nazada, so this is barely noticeable by comparison. Since it’s early in the winter season, and we’re heading more northward now, we might not encounter more snow for quite a while. Boktoseethet is quite intrigued by the snow since he’s never seen it before. I guess that’s a perk of living just south of the equator your whole life. As for me, snow is something I’ve dealt with many times before.

Kellon and Hibimage went hunting for our supper tonight. They saw one of the large deer that lives in the region, but they avoided it. The danger posed one of those beasts if they merely wounded it is too great to risk. Instead, they brought back some fish they caught in a nearby stream. These cooked nicely on hot rocks placed around our campfire. We also hung some extra fish over the fire to dry, so we’ll be able to take them with us to eat at another time.

In our conversations tonight, the subject of the Huvudets came up. I think Tora’Sor was wondering why Dawn would rather marry me than a person of her own kind. Dawn said it’s because her path coincides with mine. Together we’ll fulfill the prophecies. She doesn’t believe the other Huvudets would help. Those living at Puv’l Ewoy are preoccupied with their declining relations with Razhinoch, and Dawn isn’t aware of any other Huvudet settlements. She also doesn’t think other Huvudets would agree with her taking the role of Dawn, so they might collectively take the role of Dusk to oppose her. Tora’Sor agreed with Dawn’s view of the situation, but also said there were unconfirmed rumors of another Huvudet settlement in Sarda. She suggested Dawn try to visit people of her own kind, and not worry about telling them of her involvement in prophecy. Perhaps someday we’ll take a trip to Sarda.