Dolthe 9, 5681

Tora’Sor successfully negotiated our safety, but at an odd cost. Instead of merely letting us on our way, there were several demands we must meet. I also heard a rumor that Captain Kiiyu’s refusal to negotiate personally was because the captain of these pirates is a woman. Hibimage theorized that it might be the Queen of the Sea mentioned in the song, but Kellon disagreed, saying people don’t inspire songs within their own lifetime. I’m remaining undecided for now, although the reactions to the flag we saw yesterday suggest whoever controls this fleet has quite a reputation.

The first part of the agreement was that these pirates would take our horses and us the rest of the way to Meda on their ships. We’ll embark late tonight, but should reach Meda in about two days. This cuts almost a week off our journey.

Second, Captain Kiiyu and every ship under his banner must support the captain of this flotilla in any attempts against the pirate Overlord. Captain Kiiyu wasn’t very thrilled with this portion of the agreement, but eventually admitted she was the only pirate notorious enough to be capable of pulling off such a scheme. Apparently, she openly defies and has no allegiance to the Overlord, something no other pirate dares try.

The final point of the agreement was that I spend the voyage telling her all about my expedition. In this, Tora’Sor and Dawn take on the role of my bodyguards, which I found both strange and reassuring. I think this is because we won’t be on the same ship as the rest of our companions.

So why would a pirate take such interest in my expedition? I made sure to ask Tora’Sor this question. It turns out pirates are not so cut off from the rest of the world as one might expect. They keep up with the latest news and gossip, and are often among the first to hear and spread the news coming out of Atalan. After the scandal caused by the first portion of my journal to return to Atalan, the world eagerly awaited every other portion I sent. Since my third portion arrived in Atalan about a year ago, practically everyone has heard it already. What they want me to tell about is everything that happened since then.