Dolthe 22, 5681

We docked today at Ar Eleron. The city is in much better condition than when we left almost a month ago. Captain Kiiyu had some business on shore, although he wouldn’t tell me what it was. Kellon believe it’s just mundane business stuff, like letting the city leaders know about our encounter with the Queen of the Sea or checking tariff quotas. He’s probably correct. Most meetings aren’t very exciting.

Days aboard a ship tend to involve very little for passengers to do. The pirates never run out of tasks, such as mending sails or swabbing the deck, but the rest of us get to lounge around or find our own things to do. Kellon spends most of his time in his quarters writing a book. Hibimage is with him, probably writing his own account of traveling through Etnyben decades ago. Boktoseethet and Alkaar are learning about pirate swordsmanship, although Alkaar is more of an observer since he can’t yet use his injured arm. Tora’Sor and Niahla’Sen spend their time with amusing attempts to use their arcane powers to fill the sails with wind. I’ve seen them manage what appears to be a weak breeze, but they couldn’t maintain it long enough to do more than just ruffle the sails.

That leaves Dawn and me to find our own activities. I’m back to fishing like I did during the voyage to Etnyben seven years ago. Dawn, however, has something somewhat more amusing to fill her time. With plenty of seabirds in the area, she has Hungry hunting for us. The amusing part is she managed to train the falcon so it will attack and bring back the bird she points out. Sometimes it even works if the bird is in a flock, which leads to pirates placing wagers on Hungry’s performance. I don’t think the falcon minds, and always makes the hunt entertaining for everyone watching.

One of the pirates tossed Hungry a spoonfish today. Between Hungry and a ravenous mouth with fins, which would win? Hungry obviously wins, but watching the falcon try to eat the flopping fish while trying to avoid the large mouth snapping at its feet is rather amusing. Initially, Dawn was concerned about Hungry’s safety, but she now agrees the falcon isn’t in much danger.