Dolthe 20, 5680

Having Hibimage with us is beneficial to the expedition. On our way to find him, we didn’t spend much time learning about the region through which we traveled. Now that he’s with us, we get to learn everything he learned of the region during his travels long ago. One thing he discovered back then was a statue that the rest of us somehow missed. Based on the few letters we could make out on the statues base, along with nearby mound, we believe it was a statue of the first Great Kings Saflarikam. Hibimage thinks the first Great King Saflarikam might have been involved in colonizing this valley, and his elderly father, the second Great King Falikam, led the expedition. The rest of us have no notion of contesting that theory.

Hibimage also said the statue was one of the few landmarks he could remember from his travels. It was here, six days after he’d passed through Zitua Ashluk, that he learned Niahla’Sen’s mother was pregnant. Her announcement frightened him because of their distance from civilization. He considered turning around and heading back the way they’d come, but she argued against it, saying the baby would come before they could reach anywhere safe. Of all the things he’s done, taking that advice from Niahla’Sen’s mother is the one thing Hibimage regrets most.

Niahla’Sen, not let her father’s stories outdo her own, said her mother often said she spent several months by a statue in the wilderness, and that was where Niahla’Sen was born. There was also mention of a stranger caring for Niahla’Sen’s mother while she was there, but Niahla’Sen never managed to get her mother to talk much about that person. The story about the stranger seems hard to believe considering we haven’t seen many signs of any habitation other than the ancient ruins and the few campsites of the Barbidon hunters. Who could it be? Dawn suggested a rogue Huvudet. Kellon suggested a Barbidon hunter. Tora’Sor suggested Zhethou. I think I would agree with Tora’Sor on that assessment. From our several encounters with the Lunari, Zhethou demonstrated repeatedly her willingness to help in our times of need. I think Niahla’Sen will ask Zhethou if they meet again.