Dolthe 15, 5681

We set sail and left Meda at first light this morning. According to Captain Kiiyu, we’re about 650 nura from Atalan, so the voyage should take about three months. For most of that, we’ll be sailing north along the coast of Etnyben, but eventually we’ll reach the northernmost point of the Kiremo Desert, and have to continue the last hundred nura or so across open sea. During that portion of the voyage, we’ll attempt to stay west of the Sands of Kiremo, a seasonal phenomonon where winds over the desert pick up sand, and carry it north far across the sea to Tanarad. It wouldn’t be harmful to sail into the Sands of Kiremo, but it sure would be a nuisance to breathe in all that sand.

Last night, I received a summons to meet once more with the Queen of the Sea. It was an amicable meeting, and took place in a tavern. She gave me two items, both of them banners. The first was her banner that flies from all her ships. She said it might be useful if I’m ever on a ship being pursued by pirates. I doubt I’ll ever need it, but it’s certainly one of the more interesting things I’ve obtained in my travels.

The second was an old, ragged banner depicting three flying warhorses on a white background. I had no doubt it was the banner of a royal territory, but I was unfamiliar with the three flying warhorses. The Queen of the Sea explained it was the banner of Eranithon, her grandfather’s homeland and mother’s birthplace far to the south. Hibimage remembers once reading in an old book that the best horsemen came from Eranithon, but the rest of us don’t recall any contemporary mention of the land. From the tale I heard last night, the original Queen of the Sea, Ivee’Lyn’s mother, was the pirate captain from that land who refused the Overlord’s demands long ago, and instigated its ruin. Since nothing now grows in that once lush land, some dark influence was probably involved.

So why give me the flag of a ruined land? I have instructions to present it to Prince Nomolo as justification for the request to support the Queen of the Sea in the overthrow of the pirate Overlord. I’m unsure why the Prince and not the Great King, but these lands long await the returned involvement of Atalan.