Dolthe 12, 5681

Meda doesn’t look like much at the first glance, at least if you’re arriving by ship. I keep hearing how it’s the safest port in the world, able to weather any storm, but when you first approach from the sea, all you see is a large cave in the face of a cliff, and several large towers built on the rocks. Of course, once you sail through the cave in the cliff, you find something completely different. On the other side, the ship emerges from the cave into a large bay surrounded by the cliff on three sides, and the city on the fourth. What makes this city so safe during storms is a door built into the mouth of the cave. When that door shuts, high waters cannot pass through the cave into the bay. I heard Hibimage ask someone if flooding during storms ever caused any problems, but he was told it isn’t a major issue.

There was some panic when the inhabitants realized it was the Queen of the Sea’s ships that sailed into the bay, but the panic didn’t last long once everyone realized she wasn’t there to cause problems. We went ashore while she ordered repairs and supplies for her ships. Many of the ships were badly damaged when they didn’t escape the edge of that storm last month. They managed to make landfall to make minor repairs, which was at the beach where we first encountered them, but those repairs were limited. Here in Meda, she can get proper repairs for her ships. I find it ironic that she has a reputation for being the storm everyone fears, but she has to try avoiding storms too.

As for Captain Kiiyu, he has five ships with crews anchored here, and several other ships docked and awaiting crews. The pirates he brought with him from Ar Eleron will take two of these empty ships to replace the two destroyed in the storm. He said we’ll depart in three days since he first needs to get the ships supplied.

In the meantime, we’re staying in the most civilized city we’ve passed through since Saval, and it’s sure to be the last until we reach Atalan. I don’t know how the others plan to pass their time over the next few days, but I plan to visit the library.