Dolthe 1, 5681

The sea at last! Today is a momentous occasion, marking the completion of a task no one in history has previously managed: traveling across Etnyben, from east to west, sea to sea. I believe this also means we’ve fulfilled the prophecy about discovering the ‘passage’ hidden in this land. Of course, we still have our return to Atalan, and then it’s a voyage to Bagda for Dawn and I, but as for my expedition, I’ve obtained my goal.

Ar Eleron does not seem much different from Ar Mukon. The people are hospitable and friendly, with a hint of suspicion toward outsiders. Unfortunately, this hint of suspicion is stronger now than it would normally be since the town is still repairing damage from the storm two weeks ago. It helps that have as escorts a pirate crew and a captain who seems quite influential in the region, but I don’t think any of us wish to stay longer than necessary. To make it worse, the storm destroyed both ships Captain Kiiyu had docked here. He has other ships, but we need to travel south to another port where they’re docked.

We’ll stay long enough to gather enough supplies for the journey south, but that shouldn’t be more than a day. Our destination, Meda, will take a good two weeks to reach, but Captain Kiiyu managed to obtain horses for us all. I decided it best not to ask if the pirate stole them.

Tonight we’re staying at the best inn to be found in Ar Eleron. Of course, that doesn’t mean much since the recent storm blew off the roof. All we get is food and rooms with beds. They expect us to provide our own blankets. Some of us also visited one of the taverns earlier tonight. There were quite a few pirates, but after a few drinks, they act like any other person. Perhaps the strangest thing was overhearing several speaking in a very odd dialect that sounds unlike any I’ve ever heard before, and was very difficult to understand. I inquired where it originated, but never received an intelligible answer. I expect it will be another month before most of the town is back to normal.