Ardes 4, 5680

The passage continues to lead in a mostly northward direction. It makes me wonder if the passage leads to the Kiremo Desert instead of the western coast. However, I take some consolation in the idea that the Kiremo Desert is impassable. If prophecy destines the use of this passage, it will lead to places people can easily survive. I’m uncertain about our actual position on any maps, but we’ve been north of the equator for several weeks now. Unfortunately, we’re still close enough to the equator that temperatures won’t see seasonal change despite it being the time of year when winter cools the northern part of the world.

One of the strange things we’re finding in this area grows in thick patches. It appears to be a plant, perhaps a variety of grass, but it grows in thick clumps of curly, soft clusters of short leaves with the thickness of hair. If it wasn’t green, we’d certainly mistake it for fur. We’ve made two observations about this plant. First, a large patch makes for a very nice bed. Second, it seems insects avoid coming into the proximity of the plant. When we don’t have bugs trying to bite us in our sleep, this makes for a very restful night. Even Hungry seems to benefit. Tora’Sor said the plant might produce some kind of insect repellent, but she would need time to study the plant to be sure. I guess this means there will be a future expedition for the Sisterhood operatives.

Alkaar made a startling discovery as we traveled today. He recognized as unnatural what the rest of us mistook for the deteriorating trunk of a dead tree sticking from the top of a large mound. It turned out to be the shaft of an ancient spear so thick that I cannot get both hands around it. The massive point had long since fallen off, but still lay half-buried beside the shaft. So why is there a massive spear here in the middle of a land that no one’s ever visited before? It’s very possible this is the final resting place of a giant, one of the legendary great beings who, according to most tales, spend their lives hunting a great beast. The strange thing is I always thought they stayed in the little land of Tayve, and didn’t travel across the seas. I hope we don’t meet any.