Ardes 28, 5679

It seems every time we deal with unscrupulous people, the hardest thing for us to do is clean up their mess. Relken and his acolytes left quite a disaster. Practically everyone in Habbar believes he murdered the previous village leader, and he only assumed power because his acolytes threatened the other residents. There also seems to be a nearby community of people he drove out of town over the years, and they, hearing of his capture, demanded he pay for the atrocities he committed. Since Tora’Sor is resting after using her arcane powers yesterday, it’s up to the rest of us to sort out the mess.

The first thing we did was have the villagers choose a new leader instead of having a group of thugs pressuring everyone into supporting a brigand. There were some requests for Hibimage to take the position since he’s been to many more places in the world than any of them, but he declined. In the end, they chose a man named Thomar.

The next thing we did was order the formation of a tribunal to hear the accusations brought against Relken and his acolytes, and listen to witness testimony. These will mostly be petty accusations of cruelty or unjust actions while they gather evidence in the case regarding the untimely demise of the former village leader. It’s too bad Habbar is located in such a remote part of the world. The best justice comes from the courts that answer directly to the Great King, but out here, Relken is subject to the punishments determined by people who might not like him. Unfortunately, we can do little to ensure fairness.

The last thing we did was enjoy a good feast. The people of Habbar are hesitant to deal with outsiders since they mythologically associate strangers with the white plague, but the events of the past week and our announcements that the white plague is gone from this land made them want to celebrate. It’s still sad their former village leader was killed, but our arrival brings about much change. They are remote, but no longer alone in the world.