Ardes 27, 5679

Finding Kellon was not a problem. As we prepared to infiltrate Habbar last night, a young man named Boktoseethet approached us, and said he could lead us to our companion. He told us Relken accused Kellon of killing the previous village leader, but he believed Relken was just using him as a scapegoat for his own crimes. We asked Boktoseethet why he was assisting us. Apparently, he’s acting in accordance with the wishes of his aging father, but personally agrees with the prevailing sentiment that we should leave the village alone. Despite his conflicting opinions, he performed his part, and we soon retrieved Kellon.

This morning, however, we discovered our actions caused some major disturbances in Habbar. Alarm bells started ringing as soon as guards realized Kellon was missing. Soon after, armed villagers began assembling in the village square. Boktoseethet rushed into our camp, and announced Relken accused his father of freeing Kellon, and was about to execute him. He demanded we help save his father. We reluctantly agreed, but Tora’Sor told us she would repeat what she did to the ruffians we once encountered on a road to Sehol. Interestingly, I was the only one of us who was there, so only I knew what to expect from her.

We strode confidently into the village, and let Tora’Sor work her arcane powers to the limit. The other five of us then freed Boktoseethet’s father and tied up Relken and the few others who seemed most loyal to the man. The rest of the villagers retreated to their homes, and remained content to watch from their windows.

It turns out Boktoseethet’s father is Hibimage, Niahla’Sen’s father. His disappearance was because the village captured and locked him up while he was out hunting years before. By the time he was released, he’d given up all hope that Niahla’Sen’s mother survived, so he remarried. The village kept him under close watch, so he never had a chance to escape. He was very pleased to meet Niahla’Sen for the first time, and to learn her mother was still alive and living in Perduva.