Ardes 26, 5679

Kellon never returned from hunting last night, so we had to go searching today. We discovered a settlement farther north from where we were. It’s called Habbar, and has a fairly small population, primitive from seclusion after the white plague destroyed the nearest cities, but nowhere near as primitive as Razhinoch. They do not trust outsiders, and we are no exception. Soldiers greeted our arrival, or at least they acted like soldiers. Old farm tools were their weapons, and they had no shields or armor. They demanded that we leave, and threatened us with imprisonment or worse if we didn’t comply. Dawn believes they have Kellon as a hostage, but considering their treatment of us, the hard part is finding out.

For that purpose, Tora’Sor requested a meeting with the leader of Habbar. Unfortunately, it seems their village leader suffered an untimely death two days ago, and a rude, arrogant man named Relken took control. He told Tora’Sor there would be no meeting, and we have to leave the region. I am beginning to wonder if this situation might be similar to what we encountered in Terin and Telin where they held us against our will, and forced us to fight for them in battle, while telling our companions to leave the area. Is there another nearby village we should know about?

So what options remain? We’ve tried diplomacy. Combat is unwise when we’re outnumbered despite having two Sisterhood operatives among us. That leaves one option. Three of us will sneak into Habbar tonight, and see if we can find Kellon while Niahla’Sen guards our camp. Tora’Sor said she will use her arcane powers to put to sleep anyone we come across who might try to raise an alarm. I really hope we find him, because failing to do so while disobeying the local authorities would be embarrassing.