Solil 9, 5675

The na’karden died during the night. The Awa expected it would not survive these treacherous waters, and only drove it to its death at Perduva Gora because their messages for the Sisterhood operatives were so urgent. The Awa will stay there a few days longer to gather their riding gear off the dead beast, and will then have a navigator in a small boat take them south to calmer waters. I can only imagine what the townsfolk must think now that they have a dead na’karden beached right outside their port. My suggestion that we find out what its meat tastes like was voted down unanimously.

Today we reached Perduva Sirok, a barren rock with little to do. There are only two attractions on the island---a library and a tavern. I was heading to the library to see if they had any good maps of Etnyben for me to study, but Ervah forced me to visit the tavern instead. I think the people bothered him. Everyone on Perduva Sirok maintains a serious demeanor, even the children. I heard no laughter while I was there. Either some major tragedy recently happened on the island, or the inhabitants have a serious lack of emotion. Perhaps they spend so much time in the library that they cannot relax and enjoy a good drink at the tavern.

Rather than stay ashore for the night, I will sleep on the ship. This island is depressing and the people frightening, or would be if they seemed more dedicated in their actions. Perhaps I might suggest to Krista’Mil that releasing a few frogs in the library should bring things back to normal. However, I don’t think she’d agree. Someone somewhere must know what the problem with this island is, but I do not know who that might be or how it would fix anything.

It has been quite some time since I was around familiar places and faces. I often wonder what my sister Jaka’Len is doing, or if my parents are well. Perhaps something exciting is happening back home while I am stuck out here on Perduva Sirok for the night. I will probably never know.