Solil 8, 5675

I learned this morning that the lighthouse activity last night involved a na’karden sighting far to the west. It’s highly irregular for those gigantic sea monsters to swim this close to Perduva since the waters are just as treacherous to them as to ships. Even so, the islanders would rather be prepared to defend against a na’karden than remain unprepared with the hope it just swims on by. If the na’karden did manage to get close to any of the inhabited islands, it would probably be near death from the treacherous waters.

Throughout today, we could see the sails of the na’karden on the horizon. Today’s navigator was somewhat concerned, but he managed to get us to Perduva Gora without the sea monster noticeably gaining on us. However, once we reached this island, it was evident the monster was coming straight toward us!

This is my second sea voyage, and I am very fortunate to have not seen a na’karden before now. Tales abound of monsters at sea swallowing whole ships or destroying entire fleets. Today, however, we were not to become the victim of another na’karden attack. As the sea monster approached us, a single bolt of lightning shot into the sky from its back. Tora’Sor returned the signal.

There are always fables of the Awa, those secretive fish people who never interact with those of us who live on land, capturing na’karden to use as emergency sea transportation. This was one of those times. The lightning signaled they were members of the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar. They drove the battered beast to the coast, and demanded to talk to Tora’Sor.

I watched from a distance, but I guess by the gestures and pointing that at least part of the discussion involved me. I don’t know what about my endeavor is so special, since I’m not the first man to try exploring Etnyben. If I actually was the topic of this discussion, and I cannot imagine why it would be so urgent, it would not be the first time the Sisterhood has shown an interest in me. The ancient crone on Perduva Coho had also shown an interest in me. I might ask Tora’Sor about it, but tonight she hid in a room below deck after the discussion, and won’t be disturbed.