Solil 7, 5675

As there are Tayve, Mayve, and Hayve near Tanarad, there are Perduva Taha, Perduva Maha, and Perduva Haha in Perduva. Unlike Perduva Taha, the other two islands are rather small and lack the odd uniqueness of the fishing island. There is little to say about them.

Perduva Ixu, however, is almost as large as Perduva Coho, also with a mountain in the center of the island. Tora’Sor invited me to join her and the other Sisterhood operatives on a trek to the top of the island. I initially declined, but then she reassured me they would not ask me to carry anything as they did on Perduva Coho. She also suggested I bring my hunting equipment.

We never did get to the top of Perduva Ixu. The island is just too large for that type of overnight trek, and we decided to turn back even before dark. While I managed to kill a nice deer tonight that will provide a nice respite from the usual ship rations, the women collected a number of strange plants. I can only guess their purpose. Perhaps it will have something to do with the frogs Krista’Mil has stashed away somewhere on the ship. I don’t know where she hid them, but none that I know of have escaped in the past three days.

There is a lot of lighthouse chatter tonight. Although I cannot understand the messages in the coded flashes, I get the impression that something important is happening. I hope it’s more interesting than just gossip about someone’s Aunt Keli’Kor dying from hemorrhoids because Doctor Jorlin three islands away didn’t make it to her on time.

Regardless of the message, I did notice the town appeared to be busy tonight when we returned to the ship. Several soldiers, probably from a local militia since they were not part of our expedition, were standing near the shore. A number of other soldiers were also busy in the town. No one yet has informed us of anything we need to know, so perhaps we’ll learn in the morning why all the activity tonight.