Solil 4, 5675

If I had to choose one of the places I have visited in the past year to spend the rest of my life, I think I would avoid Perduva Taha. The fishing here is better than anywhere I have ever been, and that aspect is not why I don’t like the island. On this island, fishing is the primary profession, and it actually has some calmer water surrounding its shores. I think Perduva Taha provides most of the fish for all of Perduva. I’m just not sure I would want to spend my entire life fishing since I also enjoy activities away from the water. The primary downside to this island is the fishy smell.

Because of the volume of fish that move through the market on this island, almost everything on the island is fish related. The taverns sell fish skin ale, which I refused to taste. Clowns juggle fish in the streets, which a soldier named Tain unsuccessfully tried to emulate. There is even a museum about fishing and its effects on global economics, although I wonder if it ever has visitors.

If Perduva Taha ever became a major tourist destination, I think their main attraction would be fishbone hill, a mound of discarded fish bones so high it’s visible from anywhere on the island. According to legend, the first inhabitants of the island started the mound over a thousand years ago. It was rather amusing that one of the locals was able to point out the approximate locations in the mound of the fish bones discarded by the different Great Kings that came through the region over the years. I’m pretty sure he just made it up.

While we were still sailing today, two frogs managed to escape from the bag where Krista’Mil keeps them. They were quickly caught, but I can tell Captain Hegherg is growing impatient with the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar. He had a long, private discussion with Tora’Sor, after which she made sure Krista’Mil made a better cage for them. She has quite a few frogs left from Perduva Coho. I am wondering if they are just for snake food or for some arcane purpose that she will never tell me.