Solil 17, 5675

I am glad to be out of Perduva. The people are nice, the food is good, and the sights are interesting, but it seems very busy for a town spread across such a large section of the world. If they didn’t make sure I knew it was all one town, I would have guessed it was a country with lots of different towns.

There are also many strange customs in Perduva, and not because the different islands each have their quirks. Whoever invited us to the wedding on Perduva Era also invited us to their wedding on Perduva. It was the same ceremony repeated in the different sections of the town, and probably set out about a week before we reached Perduva. I think it was a wealthy couple, because the feast was once again quite luxurious. They had a dance after the feast. I turned down a young woman named Diahla’Sis since I wanted to return to the ship for some rest after the lengthy ceremony. I heard Pelmarco accepted her offer when I left.

Another benefit to being out of Perduva is the calmer waters. While there are still many rocks to watch for, the water is not as rough. It’s much easier to relax when you know the ship isn’t about to smash to pieces from the man at the helm not responding quickly to the commands of a strange navigator. Captain Hegherg certainly seems calmer, as do the sailors.

Despite the calmer waters, not needing a navigator, and the relaxed atmosphere since leaving Perduva, not everyone is enjoying the tranquility. The Sisterhood operatives seem agitated today. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been paying more attention to them lately or if I see things I should not, as Niahla’Sen mentioned several days ago. Either way, I get the impression something is bothering those women, and if it’s having this effect on them, I doubt it will be good for the rest of us.