Solil 15, 5675

We successfully crossed the entrance to the Bay of Ivil with only a single day’s delay. I learned that several ships have successfully made it without any delays, but the average trip includes at least two. Tonight we stay docked at the southernmost section of Perduva, once again stocking up supplies. We plan to stay here two nights.

It is quite warm here since it is summer now, and we’re only about 320 nura north of the equator. Whoever came up with that measurement for distance needs to get their head checked. The claim that one nura is the distance a person can walk in one hour is ludicrous. Yes, it’s possible with a fast pace, but a more realistic measurement would be half the length of the current nura.

From Perduva, we will sail south into the Bay of Ivil. The waters throughout the entire bay are treacherous, but right along the coast are waters safe enough that Captain Hegherg will not need to hire a navigator. Our destination is the Red River, which flows into the Bay of Ivil from the Red Mountains, with its source only a few weeks north of the fortress of the Dark Magicians.

There are several more towns we will visit while sailing through the Bay of Ivil, but Pelmarco claims they are too small to fill any major needs we might have. Tomorrow he plans to take me through the market here in Perduva to stock up on the things he says I will need for my expedition. Since he plans to accompany me, he too will be stocking up on various items. The first thing Pelmarco did tonight was drop off his sword at a smith for sharpening, and ordered the forging of a sword for me. He paid for it too, so I do not need to use Prince Nomolo’s letter of endorsement to requisition the sword. Since I have always used my bow and arrows for defense, I assume Pelmarco plans to teach me how to use the sword.

I learned why the Sisterhood operatives collected the strange plants on Perduva Ixu. It seems the plants are necessary for the production of some valuable medicines. They traded these here in Perduva for some common medicines Tora’Sor claims we may need while we travel overland.