Solil 14, 5675

I am still somewhat groggy after last night. I don’t know what Ervah made me drink, but one of the Sisterhood operatives named Niahla’Sen, a quiet woman who mostly keeps to herself, found me unconscious below deck, with my journal and writing supplies scattered on the floor. When I came to early this morning, she told me I had a bad reaction to something in the drink, and that I wasn’t poisoned or drunk. Considering how everyone else staggered back to the ship this morning, it seems everyone else enjoyed a few too many drinks while I was the only one to have a bad reaction.

Niahla’Sen also took the time while I was unconscious to read my journal. I asked her what she thought of it so far, and she said the idea was nice, but I see things I should not, whatever that means. She also demanded that I mention her at least once. In fact, she is sitting here making sure I do it right now.

Tonight we are at Perduva Era, the last island section of Perduva before we reach the southern edge of Perduva. There is nothing too intriguing about this island. Its people go about their lives the same way as most people in the world.

One interesting thing that happened today was Krista’Mil finally found a use for her frogs. The first thing she did when we arrived at Perduva Era was start a campfire. The second thing she did was skewer some frogs and start cooking them. I think she ate them, but I didn’t stick around to find out since I wanted to find something better to eat. I did not get far, and ended up waiting much longer for some food.

I’ll probably never understand why, but we were invited to a wedding by whoever ordered the vala flowers we transported on the ship. In order to ensure cordial relations with the locals, we agreed, with the exception of Krista’Mil who by that time was roasting her frogs. Whoever led the ceremony was long-winded, extending long into the night what should only take an hour. I had to wake up Ervah several times during the ceremony since his snores were rather embarrassing for the rest of us. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, we were invited to one of the best feasts I’ve had on this voyage. I will sleep well tonight.