Solil 13, 5675

Considering the events of yesterday, Captain Hegherg is remarkably calm. He even took a nap this afternoon while we were sailing through the choppiest waters of the day. I think he knows and trusts today’s navigator, and probably sailed with the old, whiskered man many years ago.

Quite a few Barbidons live in Perduva Gog. The island is large enough for them to grow some of the different plants they use for their exotic brews in addition to the food they need to grow. Because of all the Barbidons living here, most of the buildings are larger than normal, and taverns are on every street corner.

Almost as soon as we stepped off the ship, a Barbidon named Tod greeted Ervah. The two obviously met years before, and Tod practically demanded we all spend our time at his tavern tonight. The brews of the Barbidons can be tasty, but many of them pack a punch. Ervah made sure I tried a special drink Tod brews before I came back to the ship to write today’s journal entry. Everything is spinning. I think I’m going to be sick!