Solil 12, 5675

Last night we stayed at Perduva Ama. The lack of drama was nice after the witch-hunt the previous night. The inhabitants, however, are proud Perduvians and very eager to challenge us to prove their superiority. Pelmarco accepted a challenge and quickly humbled them.

As for today, I am not sure how we managed to survive. We had a navigator-in-training bring us to Perduva Tish. It was the most jarring and suspenseful part of my journey yet! Practically everyone on the ship was gripping the rail and standing ready to abandon ship at any moment as our navigator-in-training kept accidentally ramming the ship against undersea rocks. By the time the ship limped into Perduva Tish, it had three broken beams and several cracks in the hull.

To make things worse, Krista’Mil’s snake escaped! Captain Hegherg spotted and killed it on the deck before anyone knew it was missing. I didn’t quite catch what the captain shouted at her, but she looked troubled and ran to collect her frogs from where she hid them. I later learned they too escaped, but she managed to keep it a secret from the captain. She recaptured the frogs and kept them with her for the rest of today’s voyage. Since she no longer needs them for snake food, I wonder what she plans to do with them.

Captain Hegherg is very upset about the condition of his ship after today’s disastrous voyage. We are fortunate this island has excellent repair facilities with skilled workers because there is no way we could manage to repair the ship ourselves. The locals also agreed to fix the damage overnight without reimbursement. We should be able to depart in the morning, and fortunately won’t have another navigator-in-training.

Aside from the captain, I think the rest of us are enjoying this island. To make up for our rough day, the inhabitants are pampering us tonight. We have plenty of food, drinks, entertainment, and the best rooms in the inn. Captain Hegherg, however, probably will not sleep tonight. He stayed by his ship to oversee the repairs.