Solil 10, 5675

Today’s navigator was the grimmest man I have ever met. I don’t think he spoke a single word the entire voyage from Perduva Sirok to Perduva Urah. I did see him almost smile once while Captain Hegherg was loudly shouting at a sailor for making a stupid mistake.

Perduva Urah is a calm island, and boasts its beach has the best sunsets. Thus, their law requires all visitors, strangely enough, to pay a fee, climb onto a large rock along the coast, and watch the sunset. I was somewhat surprised they waived the fee for us. I think it was because Elendra’Tel claimed the locals faked the sunset by putting something into our drinks earlier that night. I certainly saw a beautiful sunset tonight, but I was confused by the cold rain falling at the same time.

The sunset problem left Tora’Sor visibly upset. It should not be possible for someone to be able to make people see a sunset that really isn’t there. She and the other Sisterhood operatives went through the town searching for whoever might be capable of mixing such a powerful potion. Several soldiers and I accompanied them. She thought there might be a rogue Sisterhood operative somewhere on the island.

It was sometime in the middle of the night when we found our quarry, a woman who looked about the same age as the old crone on Perduva Coho. Tora’Sor destroyed the various elixirs the woman had stashed in her hut, and demanded an explanation. The woman explained the fake sunset ploy was something she devised during a time of economic hardship when the island needed to generate more income or face punitive action by the rest of Perduva. While not ethical, the plan did work to save the island.

The woman gave Tora’Sor some ancient manuscripts that I doubt she will ever let me read. The old woman also wished me well on my trip, and said I have very good, trustworthy traveling companions. I neglected to inform her that I would be traveling alone after we get to the fortress of the Dark Magicians.