Ranthe 8, 5675

We’re about to leave Tanarad behind us as we sail north. Once we cross the Strait of Korut, we’ll be sailing along the coast of Vernon. However, we docked today at Itragoni to bring on more supplies. It’s one of the major ports of Tanarad, located on the northwest coast of the land. The primary importance of this city is it links Tanarad with all the lands to the west, including Bagda. Any ship coming from that direction will arrive first at Itragoni before it continues to any other destination in Tanarad.

The other important features of Itragoni are the historical events that took place there. The strategic importance of the city made it a target for many invasions. The most notable took place in the year 4003, and was when the Dark Wizard Gerzh completely razed the city. History claims the Awa or fishmen came to the rescue, riding on na’karden, but such claims seem ludicrous considering the vicious nature of those great sea monsters. However, the abundance of na’karden bones in the area seems to give credence to the tale.

I last passed through Itragoni on my way to Atalan last year, so I already had plans for my time ashore when we docked. I’d stopped by a tavern that time, and mentioned my plan to explore Etnyben. The bartender placed a wager that I’d never be able to get my trip financed, and never expected I’d return. I went to collect today, and he was quite surprised. He not only paid me, he also gave free drinks for everyone sailing on the same ship. There weren’t many others from the ship in that tavern, but I did recognize several of the sailors. They gladly took him up on the offer.

After a brief, unproductive stop at the library to see if there were any maps of Etnyben, I returned to the ship. Workers were still loading supplies onto the ship, so I had to make my way around quite a few bundles of fresh food scattered on the deck. I guess we’ll be eating well the next few weeks. We should depart Itragoni about an hour before sunset.