Ranthe 27, 5675

Uphany, the capital city of Vernon, is unique in its design and architecture. While most cities have a rectangular layout to the streets, Uphany is circular, at least at its core. The center of the city is the palace. Extending northwest from the palace is an impressive channel to the sea, excavated by thousands of workers over many years. Also radiating out from the palace are the other main streets of the city, with the side streets between them. Our time in Uphany was short so I didn’t see much of the city, but what I did see was quite exquisite.

Our purpose for visiting the capital city of Vernon is nothing more than a formality based on centuries of tradition. Tora’Sor, originally from this land, needed to stand before her king and queen, and reaffirm her loyalty to her land. She said it was a tradition started during a time when many believed the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar was becoming more powerful than the great kingdoms of the world. By requiring Sisterhood operatives to affirm their loyalties when passing through their homelands, the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar remains loyal to the powers of the world.

Since I’ve never been to Uphany and haven’t seen many palaces, Tora’Sor said I was welcome to accompany her to shore and to watch the brief ceremony. I really can’t say much about the ceremony. I was required to stand at the far end of the throne room, and I think it was over almost as fast as it started. However, following a brief discussion I was unable to overhear, the king permitted me to join Tora’Sor in front of them. She introduced me to the third King Lesharpa and Queen Bella’Kos. They wished me success on my expedition, and said I had the full support of Vernon if I ever needed it.

Back on the ship, I asked Tora’Sor what she discussed with the king and queen before she introduced me to them. She told me with a frown that conversations in private were to remain private, and went about her business on some arcane task involving several small bottles. She’s a nice person, but she can be quite secretive at times.