Ranthe 20, 5675

Kis is one of the largest cities of Vernon, with only the capital Uphany surpassing it. We docked briefly at Kis today, and will dock at Uphany in another week. We might also dock at Dymon, but there isn’t any reason to at this point. According to one of the sailors, Kis has the busiest shipyards in this part of the world. He explained that rather than compete with shipyards of other cities, Kis actually has two shipyards that compete against each other. The sailor claimed the two shipyards even have mock battles on the River Kis each year to demonstrate the quality of their ships, but I think he was just exaggerating that portion of his tale.

Our purpose for visiting Kis was to take on supplies and materials for us to use in case our ship suffers a structural problem while far from land or while we’re sailing through the icy north where the lands do not have trees. Because of the stiff competition between the two shipyards, Captain Hegherg was able to negotiate a better deal than he’d get in a city with only one shipyard. We now have several piles of lumber and an extra mast stored on the deck of the ship. Despite this precaution against disaster on the seas, I think the prevailing sentiment is we’d rather not need to use these supplies.

I didn’t get a chance to go to shore today, since we were only there for a short time, but the Sisterhood operatives did make a brief foray into the city. When they returned, they had several bundles of odd items that I’d never be able to identify. Tora’Sor also handed me a bundle of parchment that she apparently purchased for me. She said she knew I was maintaining a journal of my journey, but had nowhere near enough parchment to record what lies ahead. I wonder how she would have any idea what to expect, since she also admitted she’d never been to Etnyben before. I thanked her for the parchment, and put it with the rest of my supplies. How did she know I was keeping a journal?

There’s a strong breeze and a light rain tonight. If the temperature drops further, we’ll have snow. Fortunately, all the sailors I talked to claimed we aren’t going to have any major storms.