Ranthe 2, 5675

The Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar is a global organization of women capable of using arcane powers to accomplish things impossible by other means. The fires used to heat our ship are one example of these powers, but Tora’Sor said they could do other things, such as shoot bolts of lightning from their hands, or create an unseen shield or wall. The power is believed to be limitless, but the actual capability of each woman is different.

The Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar has its origin with Jadela’Mar, the first woman to learn to use the arcane powers, who defeated the Dark Wizard Zarvaz over two and a half millennia ago. Tora’Sor claims Jadela’Mar only had a crude knowledge of her powers, mostly resulting in great storms instead of refined, careful uses. The legend of Jadela’Mar’s victory is actually quite interesting. She apparently started by telling Great King Norgartil that she’d defeat the Dark Wizard if he provided soldiers to protect her. Amused by her confidence, but certain about the futility of the mission, the Great King provided her with five soldiers. Jadela’Mar doubted the five soldiers, but remained confident in her abilities, and marched with the five soldiers against the Dark Wizard’s army. In the resulting storm of her arcane powers, the Dark Wizard Zarvaz and his army was destroyed, and Jadela’Mar still managed to protect the five soldiers who escorted her. The five soldiers returned to tell fantastical stories of fire and ice falling on the enemy. One of the soldiers suggested a freak accident killed the Dark Wizard when a bolt of lightning struck and redirected a flying arrow toward him. I doubt we’ll ever know what truly happened.

After the defeat, Jadela’Mar began teaching other women to use the arcane powers. Although Jadela’Mar died fourteen years later from a common stomach illness, the women continued to practice the arcane powers and formed the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar. Since then, they’ve become one of the most influential organizations in the world, and protect the world from threats we do not know exist.