Ranthe 17, 5675

For about a week now, we have been sailing north along the coast of Vernon. Several ships have come up beside us looking to trade, but since the Great King commissioned our voyage, most of the cargo is not the type traders would want. We have supplies to help us remain warm in the northern climates, and supplies for when we travel south into the hot climates of the equator. What little cargo remains are mostly just personal items, nothing of much value.

The hardest thing while being a passenger on the ship is finding ways to pass the time. I don’t have the duties of the sailors and soldiers. No one needs me on this ship the way they need the operatives from the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar. In fact, I am very fortunate there even was a ship heading to Etnyben, since the Great King Derkias has generally maintained the position that battle against the Dark Magicians was a fruitless waste of soldiers.

So what do I do to pass the time? Surrounded by water with little to do, I’ve taken up fishing. My first piece of bait was a piece of meat I saved from one of my meals. With this, I caught my first fish on the voyage, and was able to use its entrails as bait. Fishing is now easy, although I wonder what strange creatures might live in the sea the further north we go.

The ship’s cook has taken a liking to me and the fresh fish I often bring him, and welcomed me to help him prepare meals. I do help on occasion, but it’s certainly not my area of expertise and I sometimes fear I’d make a big mistake. At the start of the voyage, one of the soldiers volunteered to help, but he was kicked out of the kitchen as soon as he was caught cooking with freshwater instead of seawater. It seems there’s always someone who makes that mistake, especially if it’s their first voyage. I remember a young man doing it on the voyage from Sodoo. The captain forced that man off the ship at the next port. Freshwater is too valuable at sea, and is needed for drinking, not cooking. Sometimes I wonder what other actions might get a person in such grave trouble aboard a ship.