Pelthe 18, 5675

We sailed past the ice sheet from Mekender several days ago, and turned toward the southwest. We are now far out in the open sea with no land or ice in sight. The Captain said our position was close to vimnevfim by dimnevdrim north, although I still cannot understand the navigation system he uses.

I continue to spend my time fishing. Now that we’re moving away from shore, I am no longer catching the same type of fish. There are a few of the deep sea fish commonly found in warmer latitudes, but many of the fish I now catch are about as long as my arm, and have great bulbous eyes. Their mouths have the same rounded shape as those found on spoonfish, but the size is much larger, enough to easily bite my fist. The teeth are also strange. Instead of the triangular teeth of spoonfish, these fish have long, narrow teeth that are spaced in such a way I cannot imagine them ever being able to chew their food.

I did convince the cook to prepare one of these grotesque fish, but it turned out to be the most unappetizing meal we’ve had thus far on this voyage. It’s probably a good thing I stocked up on the other type of fish that were common before we sailed this far from shore. The lack of good fish leaves me curious. Why do the fish we normally eat only swim near the shore? Is the quality of the water different here? Is there some type of predatory fish that frightens other fish from these waters? Could it be Veldon’s flying eels?