Nalil 26, 5675

At our current rate of progress, we should arrive at our destination in about two weeks. Beral still needs help walking, although he is doing somewhat better after one of the soldiers constructed a framework to hold his foot motionless as we travel. He should be able to put weight on it in a few more weeks. Other than that, the worst injury any of us suffered since then was a small splinter I got in my hand a few days ago.

The heat in this land at the equator is unbearable. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for soldiers who marched this way with their armor, equipment, and weapons to battle against the Dark Magicians. The soldiers we have with us only carry a modest armament and a basic load, but the heat is still hard for them. I guess this is another reason why the Legend of Nidiz is either incorrect or not telling the full story.

With the source of the Red River behind us, today we passed over the ridge dividing the Bay of Ivil drainage basin from the Lake Icavor drainage basin. The land is still barren and inhospitable to most plants and animals, but more tends to grow here than on the northern side. There are also several documented springs in the area that armies in the past used as plentiful water supplies.

As we passed over the ridge this morning, I could see Lake Icavor far in the distance. That blue body of water is massive enough that it disappears over the horizon. We plan to travel around the western shore where the fortress of the Dark Magicians is located. Once there, I have no idea what to expect. Pelmarco tells of a battlefield littered with the bones, armor, and weapons of a hundred armies and some of the Great Kings who led them over the centuries. Tora’Sor says it will be the same stony land mentioned in every account of the area. One of the soldiers whose father fought in battle against the Dark Magicians expects a land of smoking embers. I suspect all three expectations are correct in some fashion.