Nalil 16, 5675

I pity Beral, one of our soldiers. He tripped on a rock and broke his ankle today. Pelmarco and Feliko are helping him along, but he can’t use his right foot. We’re halfway to the fortress of the Dark Magicians, but he might slow us down slightly. He either needs helped along or carried, and that means someone needs to carry the equipment he was previously carrying. In this hot climate, even our own equipment can be quite a load, and the extra from Beral makes it worse. Fortunately, the Sisterhood operatives are not making me carry everything for them on this trek. I may suggest we move during the night and rest during the hottest time of the day.

Shortly before dawn today, I awoke and noticed Tora’Sor was studying some of the ancient manuscripts given to her by the old crone on Perduva Urah. I stood up and pretended to stretch, but actually looked over her shoulder to see what was written. Several of the parchments contained detailed maps of various parts of Etnyben. Another contained a series of six circular glyphs that made no sense to me.

About that time, Tora’Sor realized I wasn’t actually stretching, but surprisingly did not try to hide the manuscripts. She motioned for me to sit down beside her, and handed me a sheet of parchment to read. It was a fascinating analysis of the Dark Magicians from a historical perspective. Although written many years ago by a Sisterhood operative, the information is still completely relevant. The analysis suggested the longevity of the Dark Magicians could be related to the disappearance of a Sisterhood operative in 4004, hundreds of years before the existence of the Dark Magicians was known.

Tora’Sor would not tell me any further details about the possible link between the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar and the Dark Magicians, but did say the Sisterhood has tried unsuccessfully many times to ascertain the truth of the matter. She also refused to explain the maps and glyphs on the other parchments she was studying.