Kilil 18, 5675

The small town of Ar Tahed is the most remote inhabited place I know in the Bay of Ivil region, and only a mere two weeks’ journey to the Red River. From here, there will be no more villages to pass through on our journey toward the fortress of the Dark Magicians. If there is anything among our stores we need to restock, this is our last chance. However, we only docked for a few hours, and didn’t bring onto the ship much more than food. With only two more weeks until we reach the mouth of the Red River, we’ll soon be off the ship and need to carry all our supplies.

While in Ar Tahed, I think Pelmarco was the only person who made a purchase that wasn’t directly related to replenishing supplies. It took him the entire time we were there to find it, but he finally managed to find someone willing to sell him a piece of red cloth, and somehow negotiated a decent price for it. Although Pelmarco retired from the Red Exemplars, he still wears the red armband, and claims he will never go into a battle without it. As for the red cloth he purchased today, he said he doesn’t immediately need it, but felt it was better to have just in case he needs it later.

I asked why we would continue to sail the rest of the way to the Red River instead of walking. Tora’Sor explained that the terrain was so rocky and mountainous, that while it was the same distance, it would take a week longer by foot than by ship. I’m glad she knows so much about getting to our destination. I suspect she studied and planned her expedition for several years. It provides a good start to this journey. I, on the contrary, will probably just end up wandering throughout Etnyben to see what I can find. Maps of the inland are nondescript at best, and usually only show where rivers, lakes, and ranges of mountains are located. I don’t think anyone has mapped the land in over a thousand years, so anything that might be on maps can be very different now.