Jurthe 6, 5675

Roba was a nice, welcoming town, but I am glad to be back aboard the ship and once again moving toward our destination, the fortress of the Dark Magicians. It will take about four months to reach the place where we will disembark and trek inland, but fortunate for us, the weather will become much nicer as we travel south. There should also be plenty of small ports to put into along the way, as Great Kings have been sending ships along this route for centuries.

I doubt any town I visit hereafter will be quite as odd as Roba, although I might find myself proven wrong as I explore the great expanse of Etnyben. The fish eyes they fed us for their feast ended up being one of those foods that look horrible, but tasted great once I built up the courage try them. Apparently, it’s a tradition that everyone new to Roba gets to eat the fish eyes first while anyone else who had visited previously watches in amusement.

Yesterday I did some hunting and returned with a type of deer the villagers called a pos. Its fur is cream-colored with faint bluish markings. The meat was salted and packed aboard the ship for future meals. The locals say the deer are quite common in the region, and the colors of the fur help it hide in the snow during the winter.

One small boy named Tiron made it his job to keep my plate supplied with fish eyes. Even after I was stuffed, it was hard to make him stop. He followed me around the two days we spent in Roba, and kept asking me questions about my home in Bagda and my time in Atalan. I’m not sure how his parents managed to keep him from following me onto the ship when it was time to leave.