Jurthe 20, 5675

The weather at sea is still cold, although we fortunately are no longer freezing. Each day it seems to be just a little warmer than the last, but that’s because summer is approaching and we’re sailing toward warmer latitudes. Pretty soon, the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar will not need to spend as much time keeping us warm.

We anchored just offshore today by a small inlet. Several of us went to shore. Several sailors went to restock our water supplies, while myself and some of the soldiers did some quick exploring of the area to stretch our legs. The plants here are very different from the ones I am accustomed to back on Bagda. Everything also seems much greener, although Ervah suggested it was just because I had grown so accustomed to the icy whiteness of the Arctic Circle.

Unfortunately, our outing was not as calm as we’d hoped. A snake bit one of the soldiers, an unlucky man named Sidrat, as he stepped over a log. While Sidrat writhed in pain, his leg began to swell. We rushed him back to the shore where the unexpected happened. His leg, by then the size of my waist, burst open, spattering the rest of us with the gore from the rapidly necrotizing poison.

We tied a tourniquet around the poor man’s thigh, and one of the other soldiers amputated the rest of the man’s leg with a sword. When we were back on the ship, one of the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar operatives used her powers to cauterize the wound. Sidrat should survive, but he will have to go through life with only one leg.

The man’s unfortunate, painful ordeal makes me question the worthiness of my own endeavor. What will happen if I am bitten by a snake or worse? Who would be there to help me survive and recover from such an incident? Why would I even consider putting myself into an environment where such things are possible? My only answer is that life involves risk. I will accept that risk, and only worry about such problems if they arise.