Jurdes 13, 5675

My time with these people from Atalan is ending. With no more planned interaction with the Dark Magicians, the Sisterhood operatives and the soldiers with them are preparing for their journey back to the Bay of Ivil. Tomorrow they head back north, while Pelmarco and I travel south.

I plan to follow the shore of Lake Icavor, and will eventually be traveling east along the Icavor River. I did promise Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor that I would visit and record my observations of several places of renown throughout this land, and the town of Sehol is first on my list. It is the city where Gulith the Barbidon and the army he led met an untimely demise in accordance with prophecy. Pelmarco and I have not yet decided if we will construct a raft or if we will walk the entire way.

Once I visit Sehol, I will turn back toward the west. I want to journey south of the Red Mountains, and turn north once again to see the fabled Razhin Jungle located on the other side of the ridge. From there, I have not yet chosen my path.

As I continue my journey, I am sending my journals thus far back to Atalan with the only Sisterhood operative I have not yet mentioned, Sila’Kon. All the others outright refused, with the exception of Niahla’Sen, who volunteered only on the condition I let her read everything written since Perduva. This reluctance to deliver my journal to Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor is probably because they know I’ve mentioned them, and using Krista’Mil as an example, tend to portray them as somewhat flawed.

Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor, thank you for believing in my endeavor. I will continue to record my journey in accordance with Hudena’Sor’s wishes, and plan to have updates delivered in the unlikely occasion I happen to encounter someone traveling to Atalan. Until I send an update or return to Atalan myself, I wish you both many years of continued friendship and happiness.