Jurdes 12, 5675

What to do with a captive Dark Magician who we no longer need was an interesting discussion. The consensus was we couldn’t permit him to live. However, the nature of his execution resulted in a discussion of ethics. Can we kill this monster in cold blood and leave him to rot in this desolate land? Would any execution of such a captive without a fair trial and the right to appeal before the Great King be legal? Since we cannot permit him to live, what is the most humane method of execution we can use?

I was the one who devised a solution that removed the need to ask such questions. I suggested one last experiment, a test to see how the Dark Magician would react to the flower mentioned in the Legend of Nidiz. If the tale as Nidiz told it is true, then the Dark Magician would not survive. If not, we could easily recapture him and give him a swift execution. Tora’Sor agreed.

We placed an old sword near the flower, and made sure everyone was a safe distance away before bringing the Dark Magician toward the flower. He became aggravated when he saw it. Fire flickered harmlessly from his hands as he tried to escape the arcane powers of the Sisterhood operatives. When they had him near the sword, they released him from their power.

The Dark Magician picked up the sword. His focus was entirely on the lonely white flower growing on the barren shore of Lake Icavor. He slowly walked toward the flower, obviously hesitant and aware of some unseen threat. He soon stood over it and raised his sword. “Prophecy cannot survive,” he proclaimed.

The faint aura of a woman wearing blue and purple appeared, with one hand keeping the Dark Magician from swinging his sword at the flower, and her other hand wielding a sword. “I don’t think so,” she grimly replied, words spoken exactly as mentioned by Nidiz. She thrust her sword into the Dark Magician.

There was a brilliant flash. All the remained of the woman and the Dark Magician were sharp shards of shiny black rock. The flower escaped unharmed. It is my belief that the guardian of this flower is the only thing that can defeat the Dark Magicians. One only needs to carry the flower to the fortress.