Jurdes 11, 5675

The interrogation of the Dark Magician captured yesterday continued throughout today. Resigned to acknowledging that he cannot escape the powers of the Sisterhood operatives, the Dark Magician is not as defiant as yesterday, making only minimal use of his powers in pitiful attempts to escape. His answers to the questions posed by Tora’Sor are cryptic and intriguing. She permitted Pelmarco and I to watch the interrogation, but instructed the other soldiers to remain outside the camp.

The first question was the same asked by Nidiz long ago, where the Dark Magician came from. This answer too was very similar. He came from the shadowy fires that darkened the world. I was curious how a fire could be shadowy, but Niahla’Sen quietly told me it was just a reference to the Dark Lunari.

The second question was about his father. The Dark Magician claimed he was the son of Zekhesh, undoubtedly a Lunari name, and most likely that of a Dark Lunari no one knows about. Tora’Sor was somewhat surprised by this answer, since previous interrogations of captured Dark Magicians suggested a different Dark Lunari as the paternal ancestor.

The third question was to learn the Dark Magician’s mother. The answer was startling, although expected by Tora’Sor. He claimed he was a son of Zhethou, one of the Light Lunari often involved in the affairs of the world. If Zhethou truly were the mother of this abomination, it would make her a traitor to everything she ever did.

It was odd that Tora’Sor did not accuse the Dark Magician of telling lies, although her fourth question clarified the issue. Zhethou was the only Lunari to take a non-Lunari as a mate, and therefore many throughout the world can think of her as a mother in some way. When asked what daughter of Zhethou was his mother, he refused to answer. I now understand the theorized connection between the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar and the Dark Magicians. These foes are not Lunari and they are not men; they are something in between. Only the joining of a Dark Lunari and a daughter of Zhethou could result in such hideous offspring.