Jurdes 10, 5675

My original plan was to continue my journey when the others stopped at the fortress of the Dark Magicians, but Tora’Sor convinced me to stay a few days longer. She believed I would want to see the capture of a Dark Magician and the Sisterhood’s subsequent experimentation to determine the limits of its power.

The capture was a smooth operation. While we watched from a distance, four Sisterhood operatives hid in the area while Krista’Mil overtly advanced toward the fortress. When she was close enough, the gates of the fortress opened, and a single Dark Magician walked toward her, his hands raised ominously to the sky. Krista’Mil pulled out a sword, and threatened the ancient foe. I could not hear her words, but no doubt she probably alluded that she was its greatest threat ever, doing everything in her power to lure it away from the fortress without revealing her identity as a Sisterhood operative. As the Dark Magician moved forward, Krista’Mil retreated slowly toward the four hidden operatives.

The Dark Magician never anticipated the trap, and was soon a prisoner of the Sisterhood operatives. Their arcane powers trapped the Dark Magician, and kept him from using his own arcane powers. They brought their captive back to the camp for interrogation and experimentation. A foul odor seemed to ooze from his wrinkly, greenish skin, and malevolence toward all things flashed in his yellow eyes.

The primary experiment was to determine if any type of armor could withstand the intense fires the Dark Magicians send flying toward their enemies. None of our soldiers volunteered to assist with this despite assurances that the Sisterhood operatives would keep the person unharmed. Pelmarco finally agreed, and muttered a few rude statements about the soldiers as he prepared for the experiment. In the end, only armor made of star metal withstood the heat to keep the wearer safe. Considering the material is more valuable than gold, I cannot imagine even the Great King arming an entire army with star metal.