Falil 6, 5675

What to do with all the inedible fish I catch is quite a predicament. In most cases, my only real option is to toss them back into the sea. However, one of the Sisterhood operatives, Krista’Mil, asked me to start bringing her the fish. She believes there might be some kind of poison she could extract and use.

It’s rather amusing watching Krista’Mil at work. She has a table covered with dead, partially gutted fish, and keeps trying to feed pieces of the fish to a spoonfish she keeps in a bowl. She claims it will help her determine what part of the fish is poisonous. I don’t think she liked when I asked if she’d given her spoonfish a name yet. Watching her try to fight off the seagulls is also rather amusing.

After several days of work, Krista’Mil coated the points of my arrows with what she believed was the poison. She wants to see how well it will affect a larger animal, since testing it on small fish is hardly an adequate test. When we went to shore today to restock water supplies, I did some hunting to perform the test.

I managed to kill a creature one of the soldiers called a barigol. It has dark hide with black spots, and a very narrow snout. Based on its large feet with thick claws, I’m pretty sure it’s a burrowing creature. As for the poison, it did not have any noticeable effect. Whatever Krista’Mil put on my arrows either works too slowly or wasn’t actually poisonous. Krista’Mil decided the next time I go hunting, she’s coming with me to make sure the poison gets tested properly.

Captain Hegherg told us we’d probably have much better luck extracting and concentrating a working poison if we’d managed to capture the type of snake that bit Sidrat. We asked if he’d allow us to even bring one of those aboard the ship, and he laughed. Aside from the fish I’ve been catching, we’re not allowed to bring anything remotely dangerous aboard without his permission, and now he’s even threatened to shut down the attempt to extract the fish poison. I expect Tora’Sor will privately discuss the issue with him tonight, since it involves someone under her command.