Falil 30, 5675

Perduva Vala is an interesting island. After a day of choppy water, catching escaped frogs, and a Barbidon navigator shouting in his native tongue every time we sailed too close to rocks, Perduva Vala is a quiet respite from the chaos. One of the early inhabitants of the island was very enthralled by vala flowers, so now the flowers thrive over the entire island. Being that it’s now the time of year when spring and summer meet, the flowers are in full bloom. Yellow, orange, and the occasional speck of red cover the island.

Visitors to Perduva Vala are invited to spend the night camped among the vala flowers. The fragrance is soothing after the hard day at sea, and when they bloom, it’s almost intoxicating. The rest of the town on the island also has these flowers scattered around, but not in such quantity, and it would otherwise be very uninviting. After having frogs loose on the ship today, I think Captain Hegherg is thankful his passengers are spending the night on the island.

Ervah told me I should have gone to shore last night at Perduva Rosla. Supposedly, one of our bulkier soldiers, a man named Feliko, somehow challenged an older local man to a wrestling match. Feliko didn’t realize what he was getting into, and several hours later, the entire town was gathered to watch the fight. Feliko wrestled well, but could not defeat the man. After losing several rounds, Feliko finally asked the man who he was. The man is Pelmarco, a former member of the Red Exemplars.

Pelmarco befriended Feliko, and upon learning of my intention to explore Etnyben, decided he was coming too. It seems I will have traveling companions whether I want them or not. However, having a Red Exemplar, even a retired one, express a desire to keep me company is something completely unexpected.

I did talk to Pelmarco on the ship today since he is now a passenger, and he told me more about the Red Exemplars. It seems the actual whereabouts of the unit are currently unknown, and the lack of frequent battles leaves many of its members growing old to the point of retiring like Pelmarco, but he expects the time will soon come when the red banner once again flies proudly in battle.