Falil 29, 5675

While the previous islands were little more than large rocky areas, Perduva Coho is large enough to have forests, and even a small mountain. We found Sidrat a place to stay for the next six months. A basket weaver and his wife offered to take him in. They will teach him their trade so he can still earn a living when he returns to Tanarad next year.

Tora’Sor invited me to join her and the other Sisterhood operatives on an overnight hike to the far side of the island and back. I must have lost my mind because I agreed. I had to carry Krista’Mil’s snake. I should have backed out of the trip when she gave me that task.

The entire way there, the women were completely silent. They didn’t talk, but for some reason they kept stopping to catch frogs. Several they fed to the snake, but most they put into a bag and brought them with us. I, unfortunately, also had the task of carrying the bag.

Our destination last night turned out to be a shack, home to some ancient crone who was also a member of the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar, or had been at one time. The six women talked for a while in hushed voices so I could not make out what they discussed. I did hear my name come up several times, though, and wonder what about me they find important enough to mention to each other. The old woman eventually told me I reminded her of someone she knew decades ago and hoped she might meet again.

The return trip was even worse. This time they had a large pile of unknown items to take with them to the ship, and lucky me, I had to carry it all! The next time they want me to accompany them on a hike, I will first make sure I won’t have to do all the work for them before I agree.

After last night’s trek, I slept most of today. Tonight we docked at Perduva Rosla. I might do some fishing, but I plan to spend most of my time tonight getting more rest.